Solus Comp UL- 'EC'

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Attached is the new video of the Solus Comp UL, EC. Enjoy! Sorry I've been so out of touch, I'm at a chamber music festival for 8 weeks and have been super booked. This was supposed to be completed weeks ago. More of an uncut take with some pilot views in there, and working with little wind, gaining and using ground, etc. Something a little different than you'd see from us.

Enjoy the video and any feedback is appreciated! Smooth winds guys, hopefully you guys are flying more than I am. Cheers!


Winds- 1-3mph
Pilot- Devin Cobleigh-Morrison. Camera- Jon Trennepohl
Lines- 100lb/80ft Skybond.
Location- Schoolcraft college, Plymouth MI.


Very nice, Devin ! Love the slow controlled tricking & a little flying in between. Is the 'eye-candy' Solus UL still available ? It sure would be nice to have one to match my standard Solus...


Very nice!

Jorge Gouverneur:

Nice flying. Devin. I'm starting to get used to my Solus UL. Every minute I fly it I'm improving my timing with the kite. This kite can float in the air and I'm taking advantage of it with tricks that they look like in slow motion.  :)

True Rookie:

Beautiful kite. Awesome flying Devon. Great camera work John. So do all sous comp ul's fly like that or is there a bridal adjustment that needs to be made in order to fly in under 2 m phone wind.

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