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Sound systems at kite festivals... what is the typical wattage you see on these units? If the field is 300'x300' what is the minimum wattage you'd recommend for a system with 2 speakers?

I'll be taking the system out to a beach this following weekend during a fun fly. Yesterday I took it out to a nearby lot and did some testing. I think 250 watts will be just fine. In my case I was a little too close to an Interstate so it was noisy. However, at 1/2 volume it was plenty loud at 200'. I'm running it on an 800 watt generator/inverter that puts out 600 watts all of the time. The generator does not skip a beat.

Something to be said for the quality of the speakers.  I have had 150 watt systems that were more then loud enough with qsc amp and jbl speakers. Also systems that ran qsc speakers that sounded better.  You may also get more bang out of a 8 ohm system over 70v. Although I just put a 70v system indoors with separate amps in each rooms and it is more then loud enough.

Allen Carter:
Wind direction and speed can make a big difference.

I think the manufacture has some influence as well. The system is a Fender Passport. As I read, they are pretty true to the actually wattage put out and the speakers are pretty good. I know they are very popular. In all, I like the system. It took 5 minutes to breakdown and put away. I suspect it took about 7 minutes to set up.

Heading out to Bear Lake, ID this coming weekend and using it for the first time. I think it will work just fine. We've flown at Bear Lake a few times and it's a great place to fly kites. The beach is _huge_ and the winds are very good. While it's 90F in Salt Lake City, its 77F on Bear Lake (elevation). While the ocean beaches are nice... Bear Lake has blue water and slopping hills around it. This weekend will be a trial run and we hope to grow the event into a Kite Festival. It has some great potential. The park ranger is all for it and we seem to already be getting some local businesses interested. It's next to Garden City UT and Montpelier, ID. Both are small friendly towns. A couple of years ago Garden City was going to put on a kite event but it did not materialize. I know they are looking for events for their area. The only _small_ issue is that the park charges $5/vehicle to get in. But I don't see that as a problem. It's super cheap and it's worth it just to walk on the beach.

I'm planning on getting some video and photos with everything set up in order to show people what it would look like. We can then work on setting it up as a small kite festival and having it once or twice a year. I think once we start having it on a regular basis that it could start catching on locally.


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