Fliers in the San Fernando or Santa Clarita area?
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 Hello All,

 I am new to sport kiting and was wondering if there is anybody flying in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley? If so where do they fly? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Right now I fly at a baseball field or at a local school when it is not locked up or full of people.
Hi and welcome. 

I initially read too fast and thought you said San Francisco or Santa Clara, and got excited.  There are a number of us up here.  Sorry I don't know much about your area.  I hope you find some fliers near you soon. 
Thanks for the welcome.
 I really am not holding out much hope for a reply. As the Valley has virtually no open space without obstructions. Not very conducive for kite flying. So I will fly where ever I can find some space just to get used to the kite.

It's my overall favorite kite by quite a margin! 

Hey and welcome!  I work in the San Fernando Valley but live in Thousand Oaks.  I primarily fly in Oxnard at Oxnard State Beach which is right next to Embassy Suites which is next to Channel Islands Harbor.

We have fliers of single, dual and quad line that are very friendly and helpful.

For you it's a little drive but probably worth it.  You could shoot out the 126 from Santa Clarita or the 101 to Ventura.  Would love to have you come out, there is also a pretty decent kite shop in Ventura Harbor.

Fell free to pm me


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