Need Opinons on Good UL or SUL Stunt Kites

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Charles P:

Hello all,

 I am looking to get a new stunt kite, probably a UL or SUL. It needs to be very tricky and I prefer a kite with good pitch characteristics.
 I consider myself an intermediate pilot nearing the fringes of being advanced and the kites I am using now are a "Sport Kite Designs" Seven SUL and MXS UL and a "Benson" Deep Space UL.
 I was trying to get info on Bill (Hugo's lighter brother)  and any opinions or advise on good "trick oriented" UL's and SUL's

 Thanks in advance!!



Transformer TL SUL by Skysport Design is a very trick-happy super ultra light.

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There  You Are.


I would vote for Fearless UL and Tattoo.


Being from the U.S. ... Lam's kites. Being from the State of Washington what is taking you so long in at least not owning ONE?

The time is NOW ...  ;) ;) ;)


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