Organic UL in VERY light wind!
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It's been a long time since I've made a kite flying video but after buying a new Canon EOS SL1 (about a week ago), I was anxious to see how well it performed. Please be kind in critiquing the video.  ;) As you will probably be able to tell from the video itself, the wind was extremely light!

About the kite: I started building this kite (but never finished it) over 5 years ago for a good friend of mine and after re-introducing myself (as mentioned in another thread I posted) to the Organic I had built for myself back then ...I finally got around to finishing my friends build! (good thing he's the patient type of friend :D )

With the winds as light as they were ...I really struggled to keep the kite in front of the tripod & camera but managed to get a few shining moments of what the Organic is capable of doing in flight! In better winds and in better flying hands it should really excel to it's full flying potential ...and it would be a very worthwhile build project for someone else that might be motivated. I hope to make another one or two Organics at some point in the future. I REALLY like this kite! I definitely would like to make another video with it ...and in better winds some time as well.

Here goes nothing:
Wow, a South east wind at Wildwood... what a treat ! Looks like the kite has a lot of potential in light winds... and good lookin', too !
Quote from: RobB on August 17, 2014, 03:50 PM

Wow, a South east wind at Wildwood... what a treat ! Looks like the kite has a lot of potential in light winds... and good lookin', too !

Actually, I don't think south east winds are all that uncommon in Wildwood! Seen them a couple times at least this summer there, in the hand-full of times I've visited for the day. As for "potential"  ...I 'd say there's plenty of that on hand the right hands with the Organic! I'm not sure I followed the build directions to a 'T' ...although that was my intent. The top spreader barely hits the bottom edge of the rub patch, so I'm thinking that I must have measured something ...somewhere slightly different than the plans called for but I'm totally happy with the way the kite flies so I'm not planning on making any changes other than a little bridle adjustment as flying conditions require. I might use a 'c-clip' LE connector stop to slightly move the US rod a little higher ....1/4 inch or so and I'll adjust the placement of that rub patch on future builds!
I don't know... it seems like every time I go to Wildwood, the winds just don't cooperate. Must be Murphy's Law...

As far as the kite, it looks like you did a great job putting it together, it seems to fly really nice.
Of the times I have been there in May just to compete and fly as many different stunt kites I can get my hands to compare against each other and have FUN ... the winds are always STRONG or Standard/Vent level in the afternoon ... its an incredible stretch of wide open beach ... a GEM ... second to none in NJ in terms of a kite field ... of course. In New Jersey SE winds normally come late in the day (2PM or later) and STRONG ... a weak SE is a rarity unless very early in the morning as a standard wind and not a wind shift or near 6PM at night. People seems to be leaving the beach in the background ... what time was this video shot?

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