Working at the Beach
Had a few nice days last week. Given we had Historic flooding around most areas.

Worked on doing nice axels.  Some were spot on...  The wind was low barely anything.  I had my Ocuis sul out earlier...

Saturday I was flying Stars and Stripes and did some nice cascade stuff.  Then some nice flip flop...  I had two clips.  One of doing numerous flip flops... ( Cascades ) ... Then later I had my kite out of view of the camera ,but I am standing working the kite... So I spit screened the two clips... almost lines up...

Thinking about selling some Sky Burners to buy Quad-copter... Widow Maker std,ul...Solus Ul, Ocius, Dragon Pro Dancer Ul, Aura Sul, Black Jack (old School) ...  Can't fly everything at once...


Hey Joe,

Love the split screen shot while doing the cascade!!!
Nice touch.
Sent you an e-mail. Check it out.

 sent you a PM yesterday,
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