Nikon D40 Digital SLR Camera Kit ..The last camera deal I will post

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   1. is carrying this 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Search #678406) for $489.99
   2. During checkout, apply $40.00 off coupon code "21928" will be automatically applied on it
   3. is offering Free Shipping on $50 or more
   4. Your Final Price: $489.99 - $40.00 = $449.99 + Free Shipping


A little low on pixel count by todays standards, but in reality as much as most people need. Unless you have a need to make prints larger then 8 x 10 on a regular basis it's plenty. If your like me and pretty much just view your pics on your computer that's still 3 times more pixels then your screen can display.


I have gone up to 13*19 with my D40 with no problems at all.


I saw that was the advertised print size. I won't argue it.

I see for $100 more you can get the D60 in this weeks adds.


These little cameras even with the kit lens produce some SHARP pics.  This would make an excellent backup or even your first DSLR camera.

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