Blue Moon Kite Clarification

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People have been agitating for a vented Exile, myself included.

It appears that kmac may be considering it:

Mamba, Mantis, & Exile, are all different kites with different goals in mind.  I own and fly all of these kites.

Mamba is a great kite and my fav of all BMK kites.  Very solid feel and good precision on the lines.  As chilese said  "However, the Mamba, like any elegant lady, doesn't reward sloppy technique."  It is a very fun kite to fly when you get comfortable with it.  But if you are looking to do all the latest and greatest twisty-turny wrap-n-roll tricks, you may be better off looking at the other BMK kites. 

The Mantis is a great kite and very trick capable with some very good precision as well.  It is very adjustable with multiple standoff positions to tune to your desired flying tastes.  I have not flown the Muse but I believe it is based on the Mantis without the adjustable standoffs.

(I may flamed for this but) I dont like the Exile so much.  In my hands it is less precise as the Mantis and a bit less forgiving.  Still very tricky and maybe aimed more towards freestyle flying.  Lots of people love this kite, but I just haven't gotten comfortable with it.

As with any kite purchase, determining what your skill level is, what your flying goals are (fun, comps, tricks, or ballet), and budget, is the best place to start when choosing a new kite.

Some of my Blue Moons:

i agree with everything stated here. I, though, prefer the muse to the mantis. I think the muse is a bit more well behaved, and i cant really put my finger on why. I had two mantis's and didnt like them, so i sold them. The muses i have (i have both kinds) for some reason are my favorite kite right now. Im not the best to explain why I didnt like the mantis because to be honest i cant really put my finger on EXACTLY why. The Muse is extremely precise, and will do all the modern tricks. Commetes look great on it, and it loves to be on its back.

The exile is deffenantly a tricky little kite. Itll roll up and all that jazz- and like on kens site, it performs oldschool tricks aswell as the new stuff.

The Mamba is absolutely amazing. Because i flew a mamba (zach gordons) it prompted me to do a total bag overhaul to all, well all but about 4, bluemoon kites. and im not dissapointed with that change at all. very precisce, and as said, it wont hand out tricks unless they're executed well. I actully started learning the Commete on the mamba because i knew it wouldnt do it without the RIGHT imputs. and man did it help with learning it. same goes with setting the kite on its back at a certain angle to get it to multilazy. if its not right, the kite simply wont do it and theres nothing you can do but work with it. I took what the mamba taught me and applied it to every kite ive flown sence and my skills have skyrocketed.

heres some pics...

The Exile rolls up more easily, but the Muse does as well if you throw on a couple of the barrel weights.  I just liked the overall feel of the Muse slightly better for everything but rollups, but they are for sure both sweet flying amazing kites.

I've flown the UL and Standard versions of both the Muse and Exile - and they are both exceptional kites - you can't go wrong with either decision.  They both have that smooth BMK kite feel - you can tell they are part of a family.

Quote from: Kitemac on August 09, 2009, 02:59 PM

Since the Muse is recommended so much I decided to look at the Blue Moon website and was a little confused on the line...

...The Mantis is also $279.  I would have expected the "flagship" kite to have the highest entry fee but it does not.

Pricing can be confusing, and honestly, from my perspective, a bit of a PITB.  For the most part, I price based on the time it takes me to make a kite and the materials that are in it.   It has nothing to do with the core performance of the kite or its place in the lineup.



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