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2line sport kite flyer thinking about make a move to the dark side. If you can't beat um join um. Lol. But seriously, there are so many different types of Revs where do you even begin. Not to mention line weight, length, std sail, mid, full vent? Recommendations welcome
head down to Fort Taber and see Art and Beth or Jim and ask them to try a few!!!
Definitely try before you buy, and get some advice for which is the best all-around for your area. Although most people start with a standard sail, if prevalent winds in your area are on the strong side, you may consider a vented kite to start with. A standard sail is the right one 90 percent of the time, and will cover winds from 4 to 12-ish miles per hour, depending on how choppy or gusty it is. Visit a kite shop in your region and they will assist you with choosing the right kite. As far as choices other than the amount of venting are concerned, the depth of your wallet is the only limitation. There are entry, mid and advanced kites. You probably would not be able to tell the difference among them until you have hundreds of hours experience, and since the first one you have takes the worst beating and crashes and rough treatment, my advice is to learn on something cheap and/or used. But if something strikes your fancy, hey, go for it. It may not be optimum, but you'll make do until you expand your collection. Just remember, flying sport kites is addicting. So have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
Lots of folks fly Rev, but I much prefer Lams ABS to them.

I prefer the ABS too....
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