Maiden voyage

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Thanks in advance. Had my 1st real flyin day with a quad. Wind in upper teens. Few questions.
1. In inverted position fairly high in window had kite go into a spin a few times. What happened?
2. In final landing, end of session, backed kite down in flying position, enough wind where it did not want lay down. Im guessing I need to land inverted??
3. Have 90lb and 150lb line with full vent what winds for what lines? Flew fine with 150lb.
Lots of fun for higher wind days.  :D ;D 8)

Bob D:
If the kite is in a propeller spin it means that one handle is tipped forward. The kite will stay neutral if both handles are even.

Quads don't lie down when you land them unless you're at the edge of the wind window just like a stunt kite. When I land my quads I try to move to where I have my handle stakes so that I can put the handles on the stakes.

I hope that helps answer your questions.

Hi, and welcome to the "dark side". Assuming you are totally new to flying a quad-line kite:

1. The inverted position is difficult to hold steady for quite some time, until you have enough time spent flying inverted. This is usually 100+ hours, unless you are a "natural". Higher in the window is even more difficult, because the pressure on the sail is decreased, and the kite is sliding more than flying. It will come to be easy with time.

2. If the wind is light enough, the kite will lie down, but if it does it is very hard for a beginner to recover from this face-down, leading edge toward you position. The preferred method of landing, if you are going to stake down the handles, is inverted. If the kite lays down it will be face-down, bottom tips toward you, which is fairly easy to recover from, or you can just wait until the wind stands it up again to launch. When you're going to pack it up, land inverted for breakdown.

3. With a full-vent kite you can use the 90-lb lines when the wind is 35mph with no issues, assuming the kite is a Rev1, 1.5, 2, or something similar. 150-lb lines are total overkill 99.5% of the time. You'll know when you need them once you have more experience.

To summarize, everything will become exponentially clearer and easier with experience. Hang in there. We all have done exactly the same thing. Once you have 40-ish hours on the lines you will notice improvement in your ability. Hang in there, it will come to you.

Join the KiteLife forum, if you haven't already and watch the tutorials. Often. Repeatedly. Then watch them again. I watch all of them several times a year, and I've been flying a lot for eight years.

Smile, have fun, and don't forget to breathe.

I took my 1.5 for its maiden voyage this weekend also. I am not sure how long this kite will last with me at the controls... I had a fair few nosedives directly into the ground. I wonder if I was accidentally accelerating rather than braking, not sure that I know what my hands were doing.

I could launch, hover, land quite nicely but as soon as I started flying around the window it seemed tough to turn it. I guess maybe I need to slow the kite before making turns, as it doesn't seem to work like a 2 line, at all.
I am wondering if the issue is that I am exaggerating the movements too much - no idea just yet. More practice needed!!!

Just thought I would share my pain also ;)

Bob D:
Quads turn very easily by tipping the handles forward. Tip the left handle forward and it will pivot left. Tip the right handle forward and it will pivot right. The controls are very different than duals.

The kite WILL smack into the ground if you turn it around and accelerate without putting on the brakes (tip the handles back  at the same time to slow it down.)


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