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I acquired  an old Revolution kite several years ago. Due to having flown only 2 line kites, and the complexity of the quad, it has been banished to it's sleeve, and the corner of the closet ever since.

This weekend, at a large model airplane  fly-in I was able to get my hands on a Revolution kite, thanks to some Revolution guys who were demoing, and selling them. I feel confident now that I will at least have some idea on how to fly it.

After some research, I have determined I have an early Rev1, with a heavy bridle with loops at the line attachment point. I also removed the line from the handles. On the winder it appears to be written, "75ft  140lb", and the end of the line has loops. The handles are also straight, not curved like the others I have seen, and used Friday.

Can I "larks head" behind the knot where the loop is tied on bridle? How are the straight handles for a beginner? Should I get curved handles? Should I sell the whole thing and get something newer, and more suitable?

Any help and other info is greatly appreciated.

Tim P.:
If you're looking for one to fly, I'd sell the one you have and get a newer "ready to fly" model.  The newer one will be made with better materials and easier to fly for a quad beginner. If the older kite you have is in really good shape, the sale of it should nearly pay for the newer kite, if sold to the right collector. Or perhaps you may even find someone who would be willing to trade a newer kite and package for the older package.

Just my opinion, others may vary.  ;)

Allen Carter:
I enjoy my Rev 1 more than my other Revs.

Other than it being old and possibly not as durable as a newer kite, I'd say a Rev 1 would be a good first Rev.

75' 140# is a good line set for windy days. I would get proper handles, though.

Can I attach the lines witb a larks head behind tbe loop's knot, or should I get some type of swivel?

My advice - start with super slow movements. I managed to accelerate mine into the ground a few times already. Crazy how my mind simply melted with the controls inverted... :)

They are fun though, feels like I discovered a whole new dimension!


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