Does Anyone Fly Lam's ABS Quad Line Anymore?


2nd Wind:
I am an 'old school' kite flyer that's been 'out of the loop' for nearly 19 years & I am now getting my '2nd wind'! I am mostly a dual line flyer, but used to fly mostly Rev's & a few Deca's.

In reading some of the older posts, I saw where Lam Hoac developed an interesting quad line, the ABS, about 3 years ago. I've not seen a whole lot of info or newer posts on this kite. Is it still being produced? Is it still a relevant quad design?

What do you who fly quads think about this kite?


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I have a white SUL that I really should fly more often. I like it a lot, we just haven't had much decent weather for flying since the end of September. 

It's quite different from a Revolution, set-up takes a bit more time, but I love the way it looks and flies. Lam is one of our local fliers and he is always testing/tweaking his kites.

New models of the ABS are capable of more tricks, some that a Rev might not be able to do easily. Precision is very good and it has built in quad sticks, so it easily re-launches.

After trying an ABS when they 1st came out I bought a complete set (6) and sold all my Revs. I dont miss Rev's at all..


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