RIP Manuel "Lito" Mercado
John Lutter:
It is with great sadness that I share that after decades flying kites (or "fishing for angels" like he would say) our dear friend Manuel "Lito" Mercado (known as "chiringaloco" on the forums), passed away on Saturday, January 20.

Lito was a competitive flyer in the 90's and was sponsored by kitemakers like Reed Richards, Guildworks, TC Ultra and others. He was a member of the original Kiteman Productions crew that flew at Epcot and Disney. He was one of the best kitefliers that I've ever known. He was based in Orlando, FL.

We will always remember his smile and the joy he brought to all around him. Lito is now flying with the angels.

Buen viento mi carido amigo!
Allen Carter:

Smooth winds, Lito
Too many kiters are moving on way too soon.
May he rest in peace...but he still swiped some fighters out from under me, that bugger ;)
Always enjoyed chatting with him off the forum though.

I agree John..too many...too quickly...
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