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Author Topic: Which kite to get next?  (Read 939 times)
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Jesse Day
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« on: September 20, 2018, 10:11 PM »

I am a fairly new flyer. I have the prism synapse 170, the prism hypnotist, the prism 4D, the prism micron, and the revolution EXP.  I have flown the synapse 170 the most, probably a total of 10 times.   I have flown the hypnotist once, and the revolution three times. I am just beginning to be able to control it. I just got the Micron and the 4D today.    I want to do trick flying of all kinds.  I have only been flying 5 weeks lol. I must say, the synapse and the revolution are my favorites so far.  Is there a type of kite I am missing?   I got the 4d for light wind and I am hoping to learn some tricks on that kite in light wind. Got the micron on impulse because it looked fast.   But the revolution kite has me the most interested.   What's my next kite or do I just continue to learn my kites first?  Thanks all for your time!
Bob D
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« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 04:07 AM »

It depends on your budget. A lot of the kites you'll see people selling here are very good high end kites but mostly more than $150 or $175. I've seen a lot of positive reviews for the Flying Wings Soul. Do a search on the forum for comments about it. There might be someone willing to part with it. I have a Skyburner Widowmaker which is the pricier version of the Widow and I love it. The Widow might be a good choice too.

In any case, I think you might want a full size kite. I think the size is something like 2.1 meters. It's not too small (fast) and not too big (pretty slow and harder to trick).

Before you make the next step, make sure that you're past the point where you're crashing. The Hypnotist can take crashes pretty well but you don't want to break anything on your next kite.

Bob D.
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« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2018, 10:37 AM »

I've got the Prism Snapshot 1.4 that I've flown a lot. That and the Prism Micron taught me a ton on control in higher winds. The Hypnotist was in my top 5 for my 1st kite. Got a great deal here on a new Widow ng so it was my 1st. Then another great deal for a new Widow Maker Pro showed up here. Sold the ng and I too love my Widow Maker. The 2 toughest kites I have are the Premier Addiction(grandkids) and Sky Dog Black Dog. The Addiction is a total blast.Fast and will make your face hurt from smiling. Them and my Nighthawk are 3/4 so they're faster. Good for your reflexes and the lighter kites make ground work a little easier to learn. All 3  are really good trick machines.Like you within a month and a half I had a few. Premiers Jewel(well named) Addiction (well named) Nighthawk,Widow ng, Prism Micron, Snapshot, and Sky Dog Black Dog. Wanting to fly in any winds I soon got a Jet Stream Speed reloaded. Sucked on that and traded it in on a Hydra.Replaced by a Delta Hawk. Then I got a new Prism Zephyr. Once again thanks to the Forum.I got a lot of broken parts due to learning alone and a dang it I'm gonna do it attitude. No regrets except a little sadness on the condition of my Hydra. Love that kite.It and the Zephyr have taught me the most. Got me from a level 1 to 3. When I sold kites to get the Widow Maker the kite I missed the most was the Nighthawk. So I got another one. Replaced my Addiction with a Psycho. I'd suggest looking at the Addiction Pro or Wolf ng. The Wolf replaced the Nighthawk in production. Both are under $100.00 new RTF. ITW has great deals on the Hydra and Kymera. Then watch the forums. Very happy with the deals I got on my Lam kites. Took to the Tekken sul faster than any other kite. When I'm "on" that kite makes me look really good. When I'm off a bit? Well I don't want to talk about it. Took me awhile to learn the Mind Trick vented. Flew it 3 times before I finally assembled it correctly  Shocked. Above 12 mph flies quite different than anything else. Out of the kites I have now it would be the very last one to go.Wind range is amazing. Starts tricking in 5 mph up to 25. 25 to 30 pretty limited to the window edge.30 to 35 just hanging on. I can't really justify my boutique kites yet(10 months in) but wow do they feel good. I will keep my cheaper Black Dog and Nighthawk. Well made and are great fun. Really missed them when they were gone.My next kites will be a Solus ul, Superfly std, and Lam Fearless II light. The new Blue Moon sure might be putting the Benson 4th in line though. I'm going to buy them new because I want to directly support the builders. I'm at a level 4 now so damage is coming a lot less often. Fear of destroying a new kite is lessening. The newly released Lam designed Silver Fox 2.5 probably would have be my #1 choice for my 1st kite.

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