Indoor Zen Glider Flight
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At WSIKF this year Jim Cosca flew a small glider during indoor demonstrations that was built by Daryl Yeh. Does anyone have more information on this kite. YouTube has the video under "Indoor Zen Glider Flight". It was a great demonstration.
that kite appeared in online pix and videos last year....litsong has spoken to Daryl and he is reluctant to part with them very often......

that video does show the effect using a control rod can provide while flying a kite indoors!!!!!!!!!
Jim flew that thing at one of our recent indoor fun flies...and it is, to use the vernacular, "sick"!! Everbody went bonkers for that kite. It's truly awesome. We couldn't believe how well balanced and tuned it is.
Balanced and tuned it is. It looks faster in the video than it did in person. By comparison it made the Skate, which is a great slow gliding kite, look really fast. I want one !!!

Indoor Zen Glider flight
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