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Yeah, plainclothes police in Chicago beat my buddy Matt Clark to a pulp a month ago.,0,2275698.story

I stumbled on this via comments on another online story.  I am livid.   :'(

I am not sure who is worse, the street thugs in plainclothes, or the f%#&s in uniform that told Matt and his buddy to go home and forget about it. 

Some police officers should never have been given a badge in the first place.  What does this (and the many many other examples) say about the state of America if a guy getting a late night taco can get jumped by three cops, and then have other cops ignore the crime?  It sure says to me that my former hometown of Chicago has only gotten much worse since I left.  I used to think drawing guns on traffic stops was over the top.  This is just overt corruption and lawlessness from those paid to uphold the law.   

When you commit crimes while having a badge, you should be punished much more severely.  My friend Matt is the nicest dude you'll ever meet.  I hope the outcome of this suit funds the rest of his life.

Ever since 9-11, anyone with a badge feels they can do whatever they want, unchecked.  :-[
In before the inevitable pro-law enforcement response, catastrophic thread breakdown, and subsequent lock.

Brutal stuff.  I hope your friend gets some kind restitution for what was done to him.  Lots of guys with serious testosterone poisoning going into "law enforcement" these days.  Seems like every juiced up, obnoxious meathead I run into in my gym is planning to become a cop or state trooper, so incidents like this don't really surprise me.
yea a bunch of losers in law enforcement these days. But I am sure glad we got them, crime is 100 times worse than when i was a kid. But then again in the 50's and 60's it was the norm for cops to beat the crap out of everyone.
Maybe that was why there was not much crime... :D
I read Sonny Bargers auto-bio (Hells Angels past president)  when white folk used to live in oakland, the cops would bring new officers or just the officers who needed exercise to a bar where they knew they'd find worthy sparring partners. Pick a fight in uniform with rules: no weapons, if officer won you went to jail, if you won you got to go home that night knowing you kicked a cops ass fair-in square (i guess)
Sorry for your friend. Maybe some Krav Maga classes, or small circle jujitsu? In NYC you should be able to find those classes easy peezy
Hope he gets every penny hes got coming to him
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