Is There A Close Second To The Revolution Kites?

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No close second to a Rev?

Dave Ashworth is a home builder (highly recognized on the east coast) and most famous for his incredible low wind quads.  The video is his 3rd generation indoor.

Wildwood 2010 Indoor Dave Ashworth

He also had a "london bridge" kite at least a decade before it was released by t.Benson as the Airbow.  Dave's version is designed for different wind conditions to be sure!  I've known him for probably 15 years and every kite he has ever flown is personally crafted by him.  His rev knock-offs are built on a 32.5 inch stick, so nothing is an exact copy (and nothing available "stock" ever fits him!)

He's made active-vents, tried reinforcing battens, altered positioning of vertical spars, removable covers for vents, of course his handles are home-built too.  The coolest ones are indoor with infinitely adjustable leaders (thru a friction fitting sunk into the wooden handle).

Dave is our kite-club's workshop coordinator:.... wood templates, full parts kits, the works!

I should also mention the "Kitesquid" (Harold Ames) has pushed the home-built quad-line envelope himself on many occasions.  Two of his best accomplishments are the Ryv 1.6 (a no wind kite design that still uses the SLE leading edge tubes!) and the 40 inch leading edge baby Ryv stacks.

Nothing can be taken away from my favorite kite company either.  Revolution has always been committed to the best product developments, customer service and financial support for our activities.  Others may want to offer a cheaper product, similar to their designs.  I say, why not "outwork Rev with your contributions" if you want a slice of their pie.

Take any quad-kite design you like and improve it for the next two decades.  I'll try one of those as well, but my guess is that a well tuned Rev can do more cool stuff, easier, maybe even cheaper!

i actually have a vision quad i would be willing to sell great kite well made not a rev though i have a few revs also i could part with not listed cause doesnt matter if i sell or not i always sell kites in great condition just check my profile

Have any of you guys come across the Spiderkites Smithi ?  it's a 4 line foil kite but it has special one way 'valves' in the cells so that it can be flown - to a certain extent - like a Rev. backwards, forwards, propeller turns dive stops etc. Perhaps not a 'close second' to a Rev, but an interesting alternative.

Hot Kites,
what possesses these creators?
Brilliant stuff................... :P


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