Is There A Close Second To The Revolution Kites?

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I personaly like the old QuadraFlex better then a Rev. Sadly they where only produced for a handfull of units ages ago.

As far as my limited skill sets have experienced....

The Volksquad holds an inverted hover better than a Rev and the shape is more interesting.

In all other flight modes, the Rev is better.

Inverted hover:


I like the Spirit for a beginner kite, especially for us old dual line dogs, Rev's don't respond well push/pull until you understand them and the when & why to do so. The Spirit can be flown by holding the handles vertical and using a push/pull, not well but it does fly, so you get a familiar reaction on the kite when you revert to dual movements in a lapse moment. It is a pain to assemble though.

When the Revolution came out they had covered all the bases, I was awed by the included video, figure 8 winder etc. It was the most thought out product introduction I've ever been exposed to.

I've flown other designs besides the Spirit that I also liked better then the Rev for my skill level and expectations. But most infringed on Revolutions patents.

Revolution did a great job with the kite, a great job saturating the market and getting exposure and a great job of enforcing their patents (maybe a bit overzealous (a lot?)) But they earned their market place and continue to actively promote it and kiting in general.

Quote from: mikenchico on April 16, 2010, 01:06 PM

But most infringed on Revolutions patents.

Do most patents have a limited life?  If so I would be curious to see how long the patent is good for.  Competition brings innovation.


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