Liberty State Park - Last Weekend In August
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People will be getting together on the 28th and 29th (and unofficially on the 27th) out at LSP for a Kite Party-type deal.

Meet up at the diner for breakfast @ 8AM

No booze.
I will be there sunday nice and early!!!!!
Bob D:
Sounds like a good time! (I hope my arthritis is better by then.)
Bob D:
Any more details on the event? I could probably be there Saturday or Sunday. What time is breakfast at the diner? What will need to be set up? What are the events? (Will there be something for anyone who's never flown before or want to try an OPK?)

Sammy: I have an Exile and a Widow Maker if you want to give them a try.

Oh yeah: What is the start time for the event?
No events. Breakfast at 8AM Saturday as of now. Fly all day. Not sure on what field. Not a structured event. Just a Two day get together.

Contact Kurtis for any info he may have.
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