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I've registered the forum with Tapatalk, an application for your mobile device.  There is a free (read only) and paid ($2.99) version.
I am testing out the free one and it works okay.  The reviews on this app are spotty at best so I would recommend trying the free version first.
Download the app to your device and then search for GWTW Forum ... right now if you go to 'new" we are the first forum listed.
Give it a try.  I make not a penny on this and have no control on how it works but I would like to hear your experiences if you try it out.



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You're welcome.

Allen Carter:
I'm so used to using the Forum as is on the iPhone, it will be intersting to see if this makes it better.

I just downloaded the paid version.  Pretty sure it will be much better than the wap version I had been using.

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