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I've been asked by Ron Young, whom is the coordinator for San Francisco's "Family Days Kite Festival (FDKF)", to invite talented kite flyers, Kite Artist,  kite builders, Traction kiters, and kite boarders to this years FDKF.

  The dates for this year's 2010 FDIKF are, September 18-19, and will once again take place in San Francisco, California, USA, at Marina Green Park, next to San Francisco Bay, St. Francis Yacht Club, and a spectacular view of Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

  We would appreciate your attendance and participation at this year's 2010 FDIKF, and hope that you accept this invitation!

  We will be featuring all, specially invited kite flyers, on the official FDIKF website. Please reply to this official invitation, stating whether or not you will be able to attend. So that we can have the FDIKF webmaster place your information on the website, as one of the featured kiters, please e-mail me a photo of yourself, and brief kiting bio of your kiting achievements / expertise. If others are coming with you and will be flying, please have them e-mail me their kiting bio and picture too.

Contact me (Troy Gunn), at: or +1-940-691-8522

This year we will have several field safety marshals patrolling the show kite and demo fields, to insure that no unauthorized persons enter the flying fields.

 We expect this year's festival to be the biggest and best ever!

The FDIKF website can be viewed here:

Troy Gunn
Chief Judge and Kite Flyer Liaison
Family Day IKite Festival 2010
Fleet Week is oct 7-12 this year, thought that might be the reason.  I'll be there, but havent flown much this year
6 Days and counting until FDKF kicks off!

BTW - You don't have to be invited to attend this festival. Come one, come all!
Is there even a place/room to free-fly a stunt kite?
Quote from: DonCrash on September 12, 2010, 08:19 PM

Is there even a place/room to free-fly a stunt kite?

  Yes, there's plenty of room east of the kids kite building tent. Also, on Saturday there aren't any single line comps scheduled, and the center/demo field is open as well.
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