Rolling Cascade tips

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I've been working on this trick for a bit.

I recently discovered that if I pull the line on the wrapped wing a bit while the kite is rotating before pulling out of the insane and then going the other direction that it seems to work better and is a bit sharper looking.

I'm wondering how others do this trick or and tips you might have.



I give a rather sharp pull so the kite snaps back up ready to be thrown the other direction. YMMV  ;)



mark from JoE gave me a bit of advice on this trick which is paying dividends and that is; don't wait too long when setting up subsequent rotations, when you come out of one, go right into the next. too much delay and the kite will hesitate as well.


Thanks fidelo, that really helped.

Like so many tricks you've got to go at it with the confidence that you know its going to work and it does!  :)

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