Curious about ALL WHITE kites

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I have noticed numerous UL kites being either all white or mostly white with a dash of color. Since we just discussed all black kites I was wondering why so many White ULís? Are they easier to see when flying? Being in Seattle with a lot of overcast days it would seem they would get lost in the sky here.


My old eyes have no problem.

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Simple... clouds are light as air and clouds are white. What more is there to say.


Being from seattle myself I am ordering a 7l with bright yellow and gold, with a hint of black and silver... better safe than sorry... :-) I will be ordering the JoE Talon... once my car finally sells... :(   ... with that said, i'd stay away from all white kite anywhere in the north west... but then again... that's just my opinion.   :-)


I am going to guess that people like the ethereal idea of the all white UL kite....flying in a breath of wind....

Indoor kites: white is a great color for them since they will pick up lighting very well in a performance type setting....You will rarely see a non-white Great Deca flown in doors in a performance for that reason...

I will admit that in my eye certain shapes call for certain colors....
an Oiseau by Ramlal Tien or a Spirit Man by Martin Lester look phenomenal in white...any other color loses a bit of my lust for that kite....

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