Flew the E3 and WM at St. Augustine Beach today...........

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The wife and I took the day off to drive over to St. Augustine Beach to hang out and fly the 2 new pieces. 

Wonderful day, mid 80s, not much of a crowd along the beach and a 7-10mph wind blowing in off the water.

We took a picnic lunch, lots of water and made a stop on the way over and picked up a Sym Para-Foil 2.2 in AquaBlue.

After paying our $6 and locating a spot with no one close, we broke out the goods, had lunch and then hooked up the 2.2.

The wife has never flown a dual line kite and I suggested we start with the Para to get her acustom to how they react.  Wow that thing really makes a THUMP when it hits the sand at full tilt headed straight down in the middle of the wind window..........  LOL

It came with lines and straps and after she had more trouble keeping it flying than she really should,  I checked the lines and yep, they were not even.  The left was about 5" longer than the right.  After we cleared that up, she did very well.  She extented her aloft times by a couple of minutes with each flight.

We took a rest and walked along the ocean and came back an 45 minutes later.  She was ready to get the E3 air-borne and did quiet well with it.  Anyone wondering if the E3 can take a pounding and keep going, I'll tell you right here, it can !

I switched off the E3 to my Chicago Fire Bee and flew it for a while, then hooked up the E3.  Sweet ! on a 100' of 100lb it flew wonderfully.  Now it's been almost 20 years since I've flown a dual line kite and I enjoyed myself a lot.

I then switched off the E3 and hooked up the Widow Maker.............  All I can say is WOW.  What a light and precise feeling it is to fly the WM.  Up, down, spins, edge, middle, top and along the ground, very very spot on.

We swapped out these three kites, back and forth, the E3, WM and Sym 2.2, for the rest of the afternnoon til the cops came by and said "hey we're getting ready to lock the gates".

Just a fun day !   Stopped for dinner at the Oasis for fish dinners and just got back to the house.  I'll see what shots she took and see about posting some tomorrow.  I'm beat !

Regards to All..............

Allen Carter:

I'm all green


sounds like a great time.


Glad you like the WM.  :) Jon T makes some fine kites.
Look into the ocius next.  :D

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