Exile UL on the Beach

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Just got back from Doran Beach (Bodega Bay), Fri, Sat, and Sunday were just fantastic, winds very light out of the South, South West, and the South East, just enough that you could just barely feel it on your neck, some of the best floaty breeze I've flown in in awhile, although a bit foggy and sometimes misty, but still actually warm, the Exile UL just couldn't do anything wrong, if my flying skills where just a bite better I would have said it was Perfect, I was able to also put up the Exile std, the Talon std, and the Widow Maker, in the afternoons when breeze picked up just a little more, Monday was a bit windy, in fact it was out of the North and it sucked, did a little this morning just to find out that the bumpy wind is better at home inland.
Once I get the Pics and the Videos down loaded I will be sharing these with you.
Thanks for looking


Glad you had a good time John.
I know exactly what you mean about the north wind there. I doesn't blow, it sucks.  :D


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