Standard Kite Specifications
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In the past I have noticed that many of the posts on the ‘Kite building and repair’ section are requests for details of standard bridle measurements and frame specifications. 

This thread has been started so that forum members can post the standard bridle and frame details for kites they own for the benefit of other forum users. Hopefully in time it will build up into a useful reference source for many of the kites we fly.

For ease of use I would suggest that you cover one kite or set of kites (i.e. UL/Std/Vent) per post rather than a huge list.  I would also suggest that measurements be taken with the bridle on the kite from frame to approximate centre of the knot. Upper outhaul measurements should be taken with adjustment on the middle knot where this applies. If you have the lengths and spec of the frame tubes these too can be posted.

I am aiming at the standard set up for each kite, however if you want to post alternative bridle set up’s or modifications please feel free to do so but I would ask that you make it clear they are alternative measurements.



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Flying Wings Soul Standard

Upper Outhaul – 54cm  Lower outhaul – 57cm  Inhaul- 63cm Turbo 9.5cm

Frame – ULE/LLE Dynamic DT15 x 74cm  Spine – D15 x 89.5cm Lower spreader Dynamic DT18 x 78.5cm Upper spreader – 6mm carbon x 51.5cm Standoff 3mm carbon x 25.5cm with optional outer 3mm x 22cm.

HQ Shadow (2009 version)
Upper Outhaul – 42.5cm Lower Outhaul – 52cm Inhaul – 56cm Turbo – 6cm Keeper line 44.5cm

Frame – ULE 4mm carbon tube x 70cm LLE – 4mm carbon tube x 70cm Spine 5mm carbon tube x 82.5cm Lower spreader Dynamic DT12 x 70cm Upper Spreader 4mm carbon tube x 54cm  Outer standoff – 2mm carbon x 21.5cm Inner standoff – 3mm carbon x 21.5cm.
HQ Infinity Standard

Upper outhaul – 54cm Lower outhaul – 53cm  Inhaul 62cm Turbo 5cm Keeper line 32cm

Frame – ULE – Dynamic DT15 x 82cm LLE – DT15 x 69cm  Spine – Dynamic D15 x 90cm Upper spreader D15 x 52cm Lower Spreader -  DT15 x 75.5cm.  Outer standoff 3mm carbon x 25cm Inner standoff 3mm carbon x 26cm Yoyo stoppers 53cm from nose.

How about links to manufacturers websites who publish this info?


Benson Bridles:

Benson Frames:
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