New feature added


It's subtle so I thought maybe I should point it out.  I installed a modification that added a new navigation tab titled "forum info".  It has the forum rules. such as they are, the user agreement that everyone had to accept when joining the forum and a list of some of features of the new forum.

Located next to the "FORUM INFO" tab you will now see a "HANDY" tab.  There you will find useful kite related links (please send your suggestions for additions to the list) and PDF's which has some (hopefully) useful information that you can save to your computer.

More "pages" will be added as we go along.

Added the I2K color chart to the Prism page.  Lists the colors and dates of release for the I2K through November 2001.;sa=4

Premier Yakko Warrior Assembly Instructions added.;sa=2

Thanks SKITCH.  If you've got something you'd like added please contact me ... this includes links to kite related websites (kite club, blog, photo site, etc.)

FYI ... you must be a registered member and logged in to view the "extra" content.


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