Organic UL
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From Mister Christian Derefat, here's a video with his latest kite: the Organic Ultra Light!

Organic UL
Denny has been anxiously awaiting those plans, are they posted?

Those are some nice slow gracefull rollups at 1:50, if I build it will they come? (with it)

Looks nice. The pilot is seriously proficient. Nice fractured slot --> yofade (as pointed out elsewhere), and there's a lovely example of control with the rescued yofade at 1:01.

Thanks for posting...
Christiaan can fly with the best of them.  He is still the only guy I have ever seen lock in a yo-fade>>backspin in a TP competition.

Just think, he designed the Virus...the Diablis (Rsky)...and this one.  He is a pimp, plain and simple.

(But...he is always flying in NL/B beach wind.  You and everyone else here would feel 5x better in that wind...I guarantee.  Can't wait to move back.)

Since Fouls hosted the vid, I tend to think it was him flying it.  He's a good flyer though.  Check out his Spike XS flying.
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