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Haven't seen much talk about the Zen, does anyone have any positive or negative feedback?



     zen site:revkites.com

Into the Google search box will get you quite a few hits on the Rev forum.



Yup, lots of chatter about the Zen on the Rev Forums and others.  It is a really amazing kite.  For SUL conditions, there is no better Rev (IMO).  It flies slightly different than other Rev's in that you need to load up the sail for it to work but once you get the sail loaded up, it will fly pretty much effortless.  All the standard quad line tricks are there and it is very smooth and graceful.  Really fun kite, especially if you are stuck with winds below 5mph.  My usable wind range is .5mph to around 5-6 mph.

The Zen is larger than the 1.5 series and is very close in size to the Rev 1.  It also comes with special Zen rods that are not only super light and strong, but also very cool looking. :)  You can order the Zen in 5 standard production color patterns or you can get custom and create your own.  Custom designs usually take 4-6 weeks to complete.  Listed price includes the kite, sleeve and frameset.  Lines & handles are not included.

Hope that helps.  If you need any other info, let me know.


Thanks, sounds like I am buying one soon, and if I'm lucky a used one!!!


Don't aspect to fly like a 1.5 and don't aspect to fly in 1/2 knots of wind and having fun (with those winds I sit at the bar having a cappuccino :)), for my personal experience there is a window of wind, where you can enjoy it, because it's the only thing can fly it's the Zen, which is probably around 3/4 knots, after that wind speed, I already going for a standard bseries with race rods.
So I suggest you to try it before, so you can decide if you can enjoy it.

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