Any Green's of Burnley - Professor Waldof Superstars, out there??

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I have been looking for one of these for a while, I am sure that it is quite rare by now, but I feel pretty confident that there are a few lying in bags out there that are not flown often and would like a new home! ;D

Because of the confusion of the model, pics of the kite would be a plus. They seemed to hit popularity in the early 90's. 

Thanks to all and great winds.


Windswept kites ( has a used kite department called "the yard sale" and I found this in the list.
There's a pic link in the PDF file.  might be what your looking for. ;)



It's ran by "thief" one of the moderators of the forum  ;)


Thanks guys...Magpie knows me...the kite he is looking for is not the waldorf that i have for sale....
Was this one made by Greens of Burnley????


Thanks all for the input.  The one that 'theif' has is made by Green's and is a very nice kite as well. However there are 3 or 4 variations of the Waldof kites.  This one I am looking for was available in the late 80's and very early 90's.  It is primarily diamond shaped if you stand it on end, but it has a miriad of facets when you look at it from different directions.  It is about 62" by 74" and was commonly called the Waldof Superstar.

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