VINTAGE: Gremlin Sport Kites by Stan Swanson & Bob Childs N.I.P. $40.00 each Fo

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Designed by Stan Swanson & Bob Childs. Distributed by Condor kites, Itís A Breeze Kite Company, and Chicago Fire Kite Company. Gremlin Sport Kites are top-quality, and the first high-tech, sport kite designed with the first-time flyer in mind.

Wingspan: 68 inches
Height: 33.5 inches
Spar Type: Carbon/Graphite
Weight: 6.2 ounces
Wind Range: 4-22 mph
Recommended Line 50-80 pound

These are RARE and HARD TO COME BY collectible kites. Their makers and designers are well known for their work. Here is a perfect example of their early days. I have 3 of these kites still factory sealed. I am asking $40.00 each plus shipping. The 1st kite is pink, blue, and yellow in color, and the 2nd kite is teal, pink, and orange.

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