VINTAGE: Gremlin Sport Kites by Stan Swanson & Bob Childs N.I.P. $40.00 each Fo



Designed by Stan Swanson & Bob Childs. Distributed by Condor kites, Itís A Breeze Kite Company, and Chicago Fire Kite Company. Gremlin Sport Kites are top-quality, and the first high-tech, sport kite designed with the first-time flyer in mind.

Wingspan: 68 inches
Height: 33.5 inches
Spar Type: Carbon/Graphite
Weight: 6.2 ounces
Wind Range: 4-22 mph
Recommended Line 50-80 pound

These are RARE and HARD TO COME BY collectible kites. Their makers and designers are well known for their work. Here is a perfect example of their early days. I have 3 of these kites still factory sealed. I am asking $40.00 each plus shipping. The 1st kite is dark blue, pink, and medium green, and the 2nd one is pink, blue, and yellow in color, and the 3rd kite is teal, pink, and orange.


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