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time for a new topic here!! i have been flying for a while now. soooo i find myself just flying for the joy of it as opposed to constantly learning tricks (still do that though) anyway i want to square my corners off. i have plenty of muscle memory for push and pullturns,but it looks like i need to put these together, to really get a good snap turn. any help would be appreciated
thanks kurt     ps i have kites capable of great turns but unfortunately when these particular kites are mentioned the topic goes to h____l. so they remain unnamed lol

Hi Kurt

I would love to help you with square turns. :) We can meet at Hermosa Beach sometime soon and fly.

WOO HOOOOO!!! if you dont already know alex is 1 of the best flyers on the planet. i think he may be able to help!! LOL see you soon alex

This is your goal:



One thing that has helped me with sharp turns is to put your hands together and while the kite is flying across the window, pull your hands to your chest.  When you initiate the turn, punch out hard with one hand and then bring your hand back and thump your chest.  Once you get your timing down on how much to punch out and how fast you need to pull back to your chest, you will get your sharp crisp turns.  By coming back to your chest each time, your turns will always be equal and it is much easier to do.

Next thing (and probably the best thing you could do) - fly with Alex and learn!


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