First shots of the Zephyr

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Hello all,

It's been a long time i did not post on here and back with some photos from my last flying.
Brought my backpack with camera gears that day in search of some nice photos but the weather was not so great. Covered and grey. But we had a nice sea breeze allowing us to have real fun that day.
My girlfriend grabbed the camera and took some nice shots. Good job she did on that day.  8)

Hypnotist in fade position - Started it high for some next flic flacs

Zephyr on its Tip - A nice framing here and well backlit

Zephyr on its way to the edge

Zephyr ready for launch - my Favorite shot so far

Many thanks to my love one and thanking you for looking

p.s: Thanks to Steve here for the Zephyr..AWESOME kite even if i did use only 25% of it's potential  :D


Great pics, loads of saturation! I like...

Quote from: Kareloh on November 30, 2011, 05:36 AM

Great pics, loads of saturation! I like...

Thanks Kareloh.
The pics were taken in RAW format and processed in tiff format before exporting to jpg for web.
I recorded an action in PS CS5 to do the re-sizing and sharpening for web. Must lower the saturation slider a bit one day.

Great pic's, Kudos to your GF. Keep'em coming & watch for the misc photo contests that pop up here time to time.

Anyone who takes the trouble to go through the RAW process has my respect.
I am not that dedicated.

Very nice photos.  :)


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