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Author Topic: Talon SUL #2  (Read 3294 times)
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« on: December 18, 2011, 04:26 PM »

Temp: 52F
Humidity: 56%
Altitude: 2300 ft
Winds: 0-4 mph
Fun: 99%
Lines: 50'/50#

The kite, with tail weight, measured on my cheap scale at 180 gms (6.35 oz), which would be about 2 gms above the published weight.

Today I spent about an hour with Mark's Talon SUL #2 from Jest of Eve kites.

Well let's just get the good news out on the table first. I got my first complete 2 cycle comete (8 inputs). (The crowd roars) Yes, I know all of you can do them in your sleep. Well, not me. So this is big for me. Thank you Mark Clements.

The kite pitches quickly into position for 540s and lazy susan type moves. Cascades can be done by the 1 or 2 pop method. I forgot to try any backspins or barrel rolls.

I was not able to do Taz Machines or Yo-yos (almost, needed to run forward more). Joe was able to get yoyos with some work. This is a very light kite so that is understandable. Tazs give me trouble anyway and I'm sure you hot dogs can get them.

The kite prefers a gentle touch and small inputs, but will handle heavier jerks on the other end of the lines.  Roll Eyes

There are no roll bars, just some cable ties. You get spares. Which is good as one broke off fairly quickly as you can see in the photos.

After an hour, the wind just went away completely. And that was a little too low for my skill level.

If you liked the Talon UL and wished it had a lower wind range. You're in.

The SUL is not as tricky as the UL. The Talon UL is an amazing kite. I fly Darren's whenever possible. But the SUL is close and will fly when the UL is on the ground.

Many photos start at the linked shot below:

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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2011, 07:29 AM »

On the subject of yoyos, the SUL has a particularly nice quirk to it that's worth practicing.

To yoyo it with one-pop, it's the same thing as any other kite, just far more subtle.

a) Allow the nose to pitch towards you, but only by a small amount (just off vertical).
b) Give both lines are very light tap.
c) Give slack and watch as it rolls itself up, all the way around with no extra effort.  Cool

This is worth perfecting not just for yoyos, but things like FlapJacks or putting the kite into a really deep Turtle ready for, say, a Cynique.

Taz's on the SUL are available with the most ease and 'beauty' than any of the other Talons.

The real weakness in the SUL is the Wap, Copter, Yo-Fade type of trick; there aint a lot of momentum to get it into those positions.

The Talon colourizer will increase your sex-drive and save the world from climate change and pixies!
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