First Quad flight

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Hello all Dark Siders.
After some wait the Supersonic is here and it's my ever first Quad line kite after the several dual lines i owe.
Has been very excited to fly it and watched every tutorials possible and read many books until it gets that it is here, things are not quite the same as in your mind :(

First flight on Wednesday to get some feel of it (First ever quad line flight too). Staked the handles as in the tutorials and walk down to end of the lines to get the kite connected, wind was a bit too low for it i think and it will just fly few feet before landing back. Waited a bit while having my hands on it on the ground and moving individuals wings (up, down, right & left) to know how things work in this new kite

Then winds picked up i managed to get it up... WHAT AM I DOING??? Being still too used with dual lines, i get the kite to move left or right or spins before crashing LE down 
Harder than i thought, i got some seconds of control before it will just dive towards me with LE forward or spins to much near the ground then crash...

Packed up all before i get something damaged on it's first flight then sat down watching a nice sunset

So now i am wondering what could have been wrongly done except user errors. Perhaps to light winds for it to get full control of it. Lines i received with it were #175 and i already built #150 85' for it just in case these are too heavy.
then another issue is that during the spins and turns, it is logic that the lines will twist (2 left twisted with 2 right lines) but is twisting withing the same side possible? I mean top lines will get twisted with bottom lines where the handles hasn't been rotated itself.
Hope my explanations here are clear enough so anyone can understand my issues and drop some help in my newbie Quad career.

Thanks for any help in advance



You just helped me remember all those LE crashes as i first started out too.  ;D
That'll pass quickly as you develop your reflexes and learn how to control your brakes.

It'll all come quick to you, i bet.  ;)


Well.. first off, the SS probably isn't the best Rev to be learning on..  ;) it's one of the most fast & twitchy out of them all, but if it's all you've got:

make sure the lines are equalizedin lighter winds you could probably get away with a #90-100 lineset, would help in lower wind conditionsyou need at least 5+ for the SS to do muchtypically the lines on the same handle won't twist unless you're flipping the handle in your hand while flying somehow (hard to do unless you're really trying) or they may get twisted when picking up from the ground/stake accidentally - just always check they're not twisted before relaunchingremember with the Revs it's more pitching of your wrists up/down for control than left/right as in duals
Have fun with it though, I miss my SS on those ballistic wind days.



Dano, thanks for the encouraging words.. Practice will make it good one day :)

- Lines are equals (99,9%)
- I will make a set of shorter #90 lines for light wind days
- I didn't changed the handles from left to right hands but i did make twists with the left and right lines. Anyway this was my first flight and i think wind itself was not cooperative that day..
- Pitch control is where i think i am failing here. Has been to used with arms movement with the duals those last months.

I also lengthened the top leaders of my handles. Added a 7" leader with 3/4" knots apart as it has been suggested to me by someone. The bottom leader it self 2" approx has not been modified..but strangely, the handles need to be pull backward for take off and the longer leaders make it almost horizontal in the hand when taking off..
Do any of you modified their handles like this and effects of it on the flight.




That supersonic is not a great first quad unless you have some one with you to guide you all of the time.......this from the guy who learned how to fly quad on a guild works minergy-super small, fast and insanely twitchy.

A hint given me about 15 years ago was to put a rubber band around your wrists....that will gently remind you to keep your hands next to each other, and let you easily twist yir wrists to control the kite.....
Eventually you will end up splitting your hands apart while flying but at the beginning stage keeping them next to each is necessary.....

Pick steady winds...this kite will power up in a gust and start to scream across the sky in a gust....... will need to take your time, flying a quad is not something that you get the finite movements the first month of flying-unless you are flying everyday.....

Keep at it.
Good winds

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