I2K, Spoilerz™ and Controversy

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Way back in the fall of 2001, I entered my first competition. I had been flying less than a month, paid a late fee and begged my way into the Berkeley Kite Competition held by BASKL. Took 8th out of 9 with my Team Hawaiian.

But of larger note, got to meet the man, Mark Reed and buy my first of many Prism Berkeley Special Editions. Spoilerz™ were extra.

I loved how the kite looked, but it had a turning radius of an 18 wheeler. It kept crashing. I flew other people's I2Ks, and those seemed fine. Rather than copy their bridle or even check anything, I built my own bridle based on the Airdynamics T2. The kite flew fine after that. Remember, I had only been flying a few months when all this transpired.

I should take that beauty out and give it another chance.

15 photos follow for skb, zippy8 and anyone else who was around way back then:

I enjoyed  -- and still do fly -- fly that kite from time to time.  In fact, I liked it so much I bought three more -- a spectrum, fire, and an all-cloth version ???.  Using my own mods and those porovided by Mark the 2K is a wonderful kite to fly.

Allen Carter:
I was around way back then, and I remember your various macrame bridles...

The i2K was a nice kite, but it was behind the times in some ways. A high tech old skool kite, sort of...

Lee S:
I was around back then :o I owned the April variant of that kite, purple and black. For the benefit of those not quite that old, Prism made a different color combination each month for about the first year, with several kite festival specials in addition. I think they made like 30 a month.

I never cared for Spoilerz. I thought they made the kite handle heavy and fly slow. Even then, if the I was faced with higher wind conditions I'd just switch to a smaller kite, or one I kept tuned for higher wind. The velcro sticky dots were a really awful idea if you flew on sand all the time. They'd start to peel and sand would stick to the exposed adhesive.

I sold mine off years ago, but I miss it sometimes. Someone in the swap meet had a purple/black one a few months back. Almost....... but I do have too many kites still.

John Welden:
Thanks to JimB, I'm one out of about no one that has an I2K SUL.  :P :P

Really fun kite.


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