CF cards

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What is the difference between an 'industrial card' and any other CF card?  Except for speed, I was aware that you cannot format the card in the camera .  Bought a 4GB card with all the proper numbers, etc, only it is in fact a 2GB card. Sought satisfaction from the seller who sent another card, identical to the first in every way, including being a 2GB card.


It's been my impression that industrial cards are cards which do not come with individual packaging, but instead a bunch in bulk and then they sell them separately, but to be honest I'm not sure. All cards should be able to be formatted in the camera, I've never experienced otherwise. On the Canon forum there are people talking occasionally about pirated or fake cards and one of the common signs is when it isn't the full memory as you have stated.


It's also possible (but I assume you know your camera spec's and it isn't that old) that your camera doesn't support a 4 gig card, in that case it will only see it as a 2 gig card and only use 2 gig of its capacity.

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