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My HQ Infinity which I flew today on its maiden flight for me , not exactly sure what happened but I have managed to loose one of the end caps that go over the Split Nock Ends . Its quite a large cap , im guessing 12mm ?
I dont suppose anyone has just the one spare hanging around they dont need ? Im in the UK .
If it is the little vinyl/butyl caps, go to your local hardware or auto store.  They are better known as bolt thread protectors or covers.  I know Lowes and Home Depot carry them here in the states.
Sorry about that but Steve our host here will fix that for you in seconds :)
Just send him a mail or browse his online store (first link/picture on the right)
He will get you some or alternate ones and this will only be a bad dream

Have fun
And don't fret it in the meantime, most kites don't have them, many fliers add them to protect the nocks and to keep the flying lines from catching on the LE Tension lines. The kite will function fine without one or both, you could wrap a bit of electricians tape around the nock to protect it if you really felt you needed to.

Thanks guys . I was thinking the kite had them as standard and was getting worried .
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