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I'm thinking buying a custom made kite but stuck with a choice of white color only.
Do you guys know any good transparent paint which can be applied by a brush and  is able to stick to Icarex for good?

I appreciate any inputs.

Matt Brown, who used to be a regular on here was doing some great work with transparent paints, there were just an Acrylic available from most art supply stores, we bought some to experiment with but I'll have to try to find them. The link above gives some info & old email on him.

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That's a very good job he is done on the kites, exactly what I want.
I will definitely try to contact the guy.
Thanks a lot Mike.

Bob D:
Very nice Roks! Am I THAT unusual that I like kites so much?

We had a pretty good email exchange when I first saw those pictures, I thought they were appliqué work and wanted to know how he got the stained glass like colors into the panels. But they are done completely with paints on a white sail.

I wanted to say they were Pebeo paints yesteday but didn't trust my memory. I've lost those emails but a quick google confirms that had managed to stick in my head somehow. They have a transparent Acrylic paint which can be used on almost any surface including glass. Matt used sponges and rags to apply the paint in order to get that mottled effect to the color. He would layer a couple complimentary colors to mimic multi-color glass where he wanted that effect. He did the inner colored panels first then applied the black as the Came between panels.

He did mention the paint seemed to retain a slightly sticky feel to it after drying but he hadn't experienced any transfer. We saw the same thing when experimenting, the paint is dry it's just a property of the Acrylic paint to have a bit of a rubbery feel still when dry. It remains flexible though. Don't apply it in a thick layer, rub it right into the fabric without leaving a significant layer on top. I think he thinned the black so it could be applied pretty thin with a brush.

Hope somebody else will give it a try, it really looks like a promising medium to work with and the results speak for themselves.


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