TOTL Hawaiian Spinoff - out of the attic, some questions!

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My first post!

I have my TOTL Spinoff that I bought back in '88. It was flown for a few years on weekends, then, put away in it's bag for about 15 years.

I want to buy new lines so I can teach the kids how to fly, but have a few questions.

First, I forgot what strength lines I should use for the Spinoff? 150? 200?
My kite also has swivels, which I have heard are not used much today. How can I get the bridal to accept a larks head from new lines?

Finally, how long should my new lines be? I think I have 100 ft lines I bought in '88.



Make two pigtails out of about 4" of bridle line for each pigtail. Make an overhand knot at each end of the pigtails. Use a lighter to melt the ends when you cut them and tap the warm ends to flare them a little. That will prevent the knot from slipping loose and stop fraying. Attach the bridles to one end of the pigtails just like they were on the bottom end of the swivel and snug them up against the knot. Larkshead the flyinge flying lines to the other knots on each pigtail.

Flying lines 100' x 150# should handle most flying conditions and higher winds. You may get by with 90# lines if you don't fly in high winds. Line length depends on the room you have at your flying field. Anything from 80' to 120' will work, with the longer the line the larger the wind window to fly in. There are topics on line brands. Shanti, Laser Pro, and a few others brands seem to be popular. It all boils down to personal preference. Call Steve if you want expert guidance.


Perfect advice above. Looking at Steve's selection of lines I see he has some 80' X 150lb lines at $20, that would be a decent set for your Spinoff for an excellent price. We flew them on longer back in the 80's, the packaged lines we bought were 150' but the Spinoff will function fine on 80' and won't take up the whole park if you're flying in a crowded area.

As mentioned 90 lb will be fine in lower winds, I think TOTL recomended 150 lb originally but we flew those kites in higher winds most of the time since the Team Model didn't get in the air under 7mph. The 150 lbs above will be lighter then we used in the 80's and be suitable for all conditions.

Ask Steve if he'll toss in a bit of bridle line to make those pigtails, I'm sure he has the perfect line in stock for them, a foot will do. Alternately you could order extra bridle line and make some 8-10 foot leaders if you think 80' lines might constrain the Spinoff, I don't think they will though, I've flow the Team Kite on 50 footers and it turns way slower.


I replaced the swivels on my Spinoff, using a prusik knot. Here are some photos. .


Great advice, thanks guys! I'm ordering some Prism 85' 150# line, which should be great. I'll request a foot of bridal line to make new pigtails as suggested.

Not sure how to remove the swivel off the bridal, and use a pigtail in it's place -do I need two knots on the pigtail, or can I lump both ends of the bridal onto one? Are there any visual aids for the pigtail-challenged like me?

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