Sewing On Batman
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I have restrung a new leech line on the Batman kite as one of the old "leechies" broke.

The lovely Bambi tells me that she will need a special thread for the sewing machine

to stitch the keel end in place.

What is the correct sewing thread to buy for this one inch stitch?

Quote from: chilese on April 17, 2012, 07:04 PM

What is the correct sewing thread to buy for this one inch stitch?

If you want, I can mail you some size 33 polyester thread to use (I also have 46 but you probably don't need something that heavy. I can just wind up a few yards and put it in an envelope.
That's very thoughtful Todd.

I think we'll go get a spool, just to have.  :)
kent has a cone or two of the right kind of bonded polyester thread, but if you surmise his is more than you need i can bring you some, just let me know.
I know nothing about the thread used for kitemaking, but I do know that quality varies a great deal from brand to brand. A bargain spool of thread won't be much of a bargain if you have to struggle to use it or if it snaps apart with little effort. Conversely, I swear, some threads are so strong I think they could be used in a tractor pull.

I've always had really good experiences using Mettler brand thread. I know nothing about the company that the link below leads to. I only used it because this page has some good information about different threads in the Mettler line.

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