Cydonia's stunt kite design tool
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Hi all,

I would like to suggest you a tool which allowed to design a stunt kite.

in this excel file you can find Ian's reflexion about the balance and some key values to design.

Please don't hesitate to give me your feedback about tool.

design with excel 2010

more than 100 views and no response or remarks.

it looks interesting enough. Im just not a design phase with kites yet, heck i can barely sew
Thanks for posting it!
Ca Ike:
Looks promising but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet.  Just added it to the list of things to check out.
There are many reasons why your spreadsheet hasn't garnered more interest.

1 This Forum is more kite flier than kite builder. Yes, we have several people
    who build kites, but most of us just fly them.

2 Not everyone has a spreadsheet program.

3 Your spreadsheet contains macros, which I avoid, regardless of the source.

4 Many people start with a kite design they like and make mods based on how
    they want that kite to alter its habits.

5 Some of the purists may want to keep hold of a notion that kite making is
    more of an art than a science.

6 Have you tried the Kite Builder's Forum for feedback?

And on a personal note, have you put in factors from known designs (Nirvana, TNT, etc)

to see how closely they fit to the program?

I use spreadsheets on a regular basis, and while the program appears straight forward,

the use of macros and my own resistance to building will keep me from looking into it.

Thank you for posting.  :)
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