Iridium Color Choices
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I had some good results and suggestions the last time I posted a color scheme poll, so I figure I'd try again.  Keep in mind that these are colors I have currently in my possession (some in limited quantities).  Also take a look at my poll for the 6th Sense I'll also be building.  Thanks for the input!  I really enjoy this collaborative process of building (and the right to ultimately choose whatever color layout I like best!).

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

Color 4

Blank Template
Of your choices, 1.

Here's a suggestion.

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Liking the JC option.
I notice that the darker green is not high on the list of colors people enjoy (at least here on the forum).  green is hard to pair with other colors (like purple) without immediately drawing connection to comic book characters such as The Joker from Batman or The Hulk. Green and orange instantly screams "Halloween" and green with yellow is so collegiate (Michigan state and my Alma mater, George Mason). 

Thanks John for your suggestions.  I like that you take the time to play with the blank template. 
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