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Author Topic: SilverFox UL Won't Stay in the Air @ 3 mph winds?  (Read 3749 times)
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« on: May 21, 2012, 08:51 AM »

Beginner questions:  Just purchased a Silver Fox 2.5 UL, since Iím an inland flyer and predominant winds are often between 3 and 7 mph.  Currently have learned with a New Tech Kite, The Hunter, which needs about a minimum of 6 mph of wind.  The Silver Fox UL is advertised as being capable from 1 mph to 12, so ordered it thinking it would be a good second kite for my wind conditions and current technique.  Made a trip to the Oregon Coast and tried out the Silver Fox, and I was very disappointed, since in constant winds of a minimum of 3 mph and a maximum of approximately 4.5 mph, the kite would not fly.  I estimate the kite needs a minimum of 4 mph?

Question 1:  The kite showed up with no instructions at all regarding available adjustments, so possibly there is an adjustment I need to make that would help it fly in low wind conditions.  I removed the tail weight and that did not help.  I am using 100 feet of 100 pound Spectra line.  When kite specs state the wind a kite will fly, I am making the assumption that this means the kite will stay in the air without running or moving backwards to assist the wind speed? 

Question 2:   Where can I find information about making adjustments to the Silver Fox?  I couldnít find anything on the manufacturerís web site.

Question 3:  If the Silver Fox 2.5 UL regardless of adjustments is unable to fly in light winds of approximately 1.5-4 mph, could you suggest some good kites that would fly in these wind conditions?   Probably donít want to go over $200, but would if there was a definite advantage.  Also, from my reading, seems that a full size kite is best, as opposed to one that I have now, The Hunter, wingspan about 48 inches. 

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 09:05 AM »

rb64: where are you located?   There might be a local forum member near to you that can help out....

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« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2012, 09:14 AM »

I can't speak for the SF UL specifically but any kite that claims to fly down to 1 or 2mph is going to need to be an indoor type kite and flying outdoors in any wind is going to be pushing it. Manufactures use different thoughts when listing min and max wind speeds. Usually they are the two extreems. Though I don't think any manufacture should claim 1mph for an out door kite. The upper wind limit usually means that the kite probably won't break under the stress of that wind. That is not saying you will be able to do much or that flying will be enjoyable in that wind. Same is true of the lower number. Most outdoor kites need at least 3mph with 4mph being just fine. I suspect that the SF UL is the same. It takes an experienced flier to fly at 3mph. Its also a lot of work.

My Shadow will fly down to 3mph but again, it requires a little bit of work. Its also not a large kite. I've flown John C's Benson Inner Space in 2mph winds but that is really an indoor kite that will fly outdoors.

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« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2012, 10:09 AM »

Not many kites will fly in a genuine 1 mph and then you would need to be moving some. I understood that the SF UL was more of a light standard and if this is correct then 3-4 mph is probably as low as it's going to be able to fly and even then with some movement needed. If you haven't already try moving the bridle adjusters at the Upper leading edge as close to the upper spreader as you can, this will help but ultimately genuine sub 3mph flying may be asking too much from it. Sadly the lower wind range advertised on many kites can be somewhat optimistic unless it is being flown by the designer in perfect conditions.

The Shadow will fly right down to 2mph or maybe even a little less but it is a bit twitchy for some folks taste. Whichever kite you use in sub 3-4mph winds you will need to be moving almost constantly to keep pressure in the sail, you won't be able to just stand there.
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« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2012, 11:59 PM »

Another thing of note is what is your definition of flying and what is the designers?

Can the kite be flown without much movement to keep it in the air?
Or does it means the designer can keep it in the air with a lot of movement?

Or the wind and weather conditions, it makes a noticeable difference if you compare the low end in a -10 degree Celsius with super smooth wind or during a summer with +30 Celsius and winds with a lot of lulls and gusts.

Most kites have a very optimistic low wind range listed, which is not partial a lie, but only happens in certain perfect conditions in my experience.
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« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2012, 04:52 AM »

UL flying is a skill, too.
It takes practise and technique to get the most out of a kite when the wind blows the least.

Amen to that. Flying kites in lower wind ranges requires movement and timing. Slowly walking backwards when the kite is rising and walking forwards when the kite is diving. This sometimes means only a few steps back and forth. I've been flying (and tricking) my Essence SUL in very low beach wind and when someone else picked it up it wouldn't fly. Not because i'm a better pilot, but because i'm used to the kite and know when to move.

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« Reply #6 on: May 31, 2012, 08:50 AM »

The first UL kite I bought was the Silverfox 2.5ul and I loved it!
It is quite heavy for a UL but it was a lot lighter than my quantum.
I think if I had a "true" ul I would have destroyed it.
The 2.5ul is light yet sturdy making it great for beginners IMHO.

Personally I think 100 feet of 100# Is probably weighing the kite Down a lot.
60-70 feet of 90# would work a lot better.

Also try to be very smooth on the inputs, no snapping or yanking on the lines.
In light winds it takes very little to stall the kite and have it fall out of the sky.
Try just having constant pull on the lines while flying , keeping the wind in the sail at all times.
This is something that Is def learned over time.

The beads on the bridle are used for adjusting between "normal"
And "turbo"  I think the blue beads are the nuetral setting while the red is the more aggressive tricking setting. My 2.5 is set at a mix Of the two.
If you want I could look at mine and let u know what thy are set at.
I also still have the field card it came with...maybe I could take some pics and list them?

Either way be patient wih the fox, it's a great kite and a joy to learn on!


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« Reply #7 on: June 01, 2012, 05:18 PM »

Just got my new Widow Maker set... Std & Ul.   One thing for sure I can not fly my UL in 2 mph wind.  I often get great wind off the Lake.  It is steady and smooth.  Regardless of the speed of the wind.

My UL struggles at 2 mph. on 100' #100 lines.... So I switch to my 75' 50# lines and attach my Ocius Sul and continue to fly.  It Loves 1-4 mph wind.  When the air is thick and not moving...It is time for the INAK .... 75' 50# lines.  If you have wind problems ............. like the lack of... then you need a SUL.  The Pro Dancer by Skyburner does not trick as much as the Ocius Sul.  It fly's old school.  Steady,sharp turns,flat 540's. I like it but would sell it in a minute.  Meaning this.  I fly my Ocius Sul a lot.  I fly the Pro Dancer once in a while with Devin.  It is a beautiful kite to fly...  More tricks with a Ocius Sul.  You can do a 360 with it.

Also check your bridle.  Sky burner kites adjustment is all the way down on bottom knot for gathering more wind.  On top to loose wind.  I think some kites are the opposite ?? 

Flying my Widow Maker UL all the way down causes some over steer.  So I avoid it.  Second knot up.

Bottom Line .... Get a Ocius Sul if you want a real super light kite.  Also an INAK  is fantastic in zero wind  Muggy thick humid air.  It is a blast to fly.  I might of posted some thing in March during the hot week we had.  I'll check If not I'll check for footage.

Shorter lines and lighter lines do make a difference.  The Sul and Inak ............

"... Hey what cha doin' ?  I 'm flying a kite.  "...No way your gonna fly no wind...".

I love hearing these words.   Been at the Beach more than once and have had guys ask me this.   Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

The only thing I can tell you or anyone is these conditions at the Beach are consistent. I practice for hours in low winds.  Nothing worse when the wind quits.  Be Prepared ... Cool Cool spend the dough.  INAK is under $100.  DO NOT FLY ABOVE 1 mph wind.

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