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The Essence was Pim Kusters’ first freestyle/tricks competition kite design. Very capable in the tricks department, nice feedback on the lines but without excessive pull and quite precise. After Dutchkites and (later) WindFactory stopped building the Essence there was some tweaking done by Essence fan Pierre Terbogt. He also made a SUL version of the kite based on the UL specs which is very trickable kite with very flat backspins, lazies and flatspins. Pim gave a few of us permissing to build Essence’s ourselves and a lot of (SUL) Essences were build. From now on it will be available as an open source plan. We’ll start with the Single color SUL version. The other versions with the original panel layout will follow after a while.

NB. This is no step by step explaination on how to build a trickkite. There are numerous websites and fora which explain this. A great resource is Tom’s step by step Le Quartz website.

I'm looking forward to building the SUL (and others when plans become available.  I like the patterned sail pictured at this link... hope it's available soon!)
Thanks! The Essence in the pic is my STD. That one was build by WindFactory. White and Slate. Heavily refurbished and tweaked to the the latest specs. Great kite.
is the sail the same shape as the SUL? (with obviously different panel layout).  I may build a Std sail along with an SUL but make my own pattern. What frame is in your Std?

Sailshape might be a little different, but it was based on a Windfactory sail. I've build another STD based on these plans and that flies very good!

The specs are in the link, just scroll down to the Essence STD.
Looking forward to your builds!
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