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brian champie:
 Hello kiters
 By now you all have heard about the sad and senseless loss of our fellow kiter Jim (Ozonejim) Strealy.

 You know what a kind and gentle nature he had
 How he was a California kite festival staple, Jim never said no I cant go...
 He was also on the kite scene in Florida before he moved back to Ca. In 1998 .
 Many of us helped or watched him put smiles on thousands of kids faces with his candy drops..Jim was the Candy man for as many as 5 events a season
 Jim was always on hand when it came time to pack away the big kites, Or run after one that was misbehaving.
 Organizers knew Jim supported every event he went to, that boy bought something in every auction he attended!
 No one ever went thirsty as he always generously had a cold one to offer
 Hundreds of us enjoyed BOTH of his email forward lists ...wink!
 And we all waited for and enjoyed the photos he posted from the events he attended.

Jim is and will be missed for sure

We just cant let his memory fade ….
  So George Halpin (Moegeo) and I have started a plan to install a Memorial bench with a brass plaque honoring Jim at the spot where he loved to fly his kites and where he died flying.

 So that's why I'm here, George and I need your help, we need donations to help make this happen.

If you want to help please send donations to:

George Halpin
3721 Merrifield Ave.
Modesto Ca. 95356

When we get the bench installed we will post photos here so you all can see why Jim loved to fly his kites there.... (it wasn’t just access to the ice machine!)

A heartfelt Thank You in advance for your help

Paypal info: gehalpin at



Is there a Paypal account we can directly deposit to?

I'm in.

Me too....PayPal preferred ;)



Great idea!

PayPal here too. I think this is a fine idea-- good on you guys!


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