how to lock up our wireless router?


we have the Asus WL-520GC

and cannot figure out how to lock it so the neighbors do not have access.. can someone help with this?  thanks so much..

Quick Google search found the manual:

A quick look at the manual shows security is explained on page 12.

To get configure to the router, I recommend plugging the router directly to your computer, then

Enter the following address in your
web browser:

User name: admin
Password: admin

if you cant get in then the password may have been changed, if you dont know it you can rest the router to factory default by pressing the reset button (pg 3) you usually have to press and hold reset until all the lites flash/come on steady .....  then retry to login

once in ..... setup security

You can also let the
system generate the keys by inputting
a Passphrase. Record the Passphrase
and the WEP keys in your notebook,
then click Finish.

 also remember to change the router  password also, other wise somebody can log into the router and make changes

thanks to both of you.. we have done a couple different routers in the past without problems.. we bought this a long time ago on sale and stuck it away.. we finally needed it.. opened the box and no instructions.. it is kind of confusing

thanks again


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