Freilein Windrider Quad Kite
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   Has anyone flown one of these kites? I just received mine and I must say that the quality is very nice. It comes with lines, handles and a very nice soft case. I'm not saying that it is as well made as a Rev. but it is very nice for under $200. I have not flown it yet but I was wondering if anybody else has?

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Looks like a Chinese Rev knockoff.  :-[
i myself would send it back and i will send you a1.5 ready to fly w laser pro lines handles for same price revolution did all the work and they stole it and coppied it if you can send back let me know
Well, I suppose you could say that anything in life is a knockoff because there are always multiple versions of every invention, Think of all the different brands of electronics, or cars, or even stunt kites that are out there!
Are they all knockoffs of the original inventor's design as well?
Did you really buy this or are you just testing the waters to try and sell these?
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