wierd ways to manage rev line... but it almost work al the time...

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i sandwich the line winder in the middle of rev handle, then wraped it with the line...

i know its abit wierd but it's 8:10 can help me get away from spaghetti line before flight...
 ;) ;) ;)

good idea

Quote from: PUZZLE on August 11, 2012, 09:22 AM

good idea

it help me reduce my preparation before flying... and less stress too...

yeh it only works if you have enough handles. i have many line sets and only a handful of handles that i use.  So if you starting off and have 1 or 2 sets it deff works.

Just to add to the mix...

Revolution Tutorial - Line Management (quad line stunt kite)

End of the day, it's ALL about whatever works for YOU.

Takes me about 3 minutes to set up or break down using the technique in the video...
Far as I'm concerned, no way, no how should it take someone more than 10 minutes.

Why? That's good flying time, why waste time on gear? :)


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